To keep your pets healthy, it is imperative that they remain free from fleas and ticks. These year-round pests carry bacteria and viruses which may cause skin allergies and other health problems in pets. They can easily get stuck to your pet fur and cause a lot of discomfort.

Below stated are some points that will help you in controlling infestation of fleas and ticks on your pet.

Bathe Your Pet

The best way to control fleas and ticks is by bathing your pet properly. Lukewarm water and soap may be sufficient for light infestation. You can also opt for an anti- tick shampoo if the problem is severe. Bathe your pet once or twice a week to remove ticks and fleas completely. To repel these insects, add peppermint, lemongrass or thyme oil in the bathing water. Do keep in mind that it is necessary to comb your pet’s coat after bath for better results.

Grooming Is Important

With regular grooming, you can protect your pet from fleas and ticks. Such insects tag along when the pet’s hair are long and make it easier for them to hide. Take help of pet clippers or trimmers to keep the fur of your pet short. It is also more convenient and affordable. Long or short hair deshedding tools, metal pin brushes, curry combs can also be used to remove lose hairs, dirt as well as fleas and ticks. You can also take help of a professional pet grooming service provider.

Use Flea And Tick Control Products

For pets who have severe infestation, it is advisable to use flea and ticks control products. It will help in keeping the pet safe and avoid any skin infections. Products like anti- flea and ticks ointment, collar, powder and spray can be used to keep the pets safe. They also prevent re-infestation of such parasites. For effective results, you can opt for oral medicines as well.

Vacuum Your House

To stop fleas and ticks infesting your pet again, it is necessary to vacuum carpets, rugs and other upholstery items. Pay special attention to rooms or areas where your pet spend most of his time. After thorough cleaning, apply flea and tick spray. It will not only kill adult fleas but also the eggs and larvae. Such spray do not cause any stains on the furnishings and are effective upto several months.

Spray Pesticides In Your Lawn Or Garden

Fleas and ticks usually grow in tall grass. To stop their growth, trim the grass and spray pesticides in the garden. This method will help in keeping your pet well protected outdoors. Make sure the product you are using is not harmful to your pet. Pay special attention to shady and humid areas like under bushes, tress and decks. This is where these insects usually make their home.

Above mentioned tips will help you to keep fleas and ticks away from your pet. If your pet keep scratching himself and these tips do not work, consult a veterinarian.